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Tai Chi Background


  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructors' Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Durango, Colorado, 2000.

  • Sun Style 73 Workshop with Master Kam Lau Fung in Sydney, Australia, 2001

  • Master Training Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 2001.

  • Master Training Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Hartford, Connecticut, 2003.

  • Tai Chi for Diabetes Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Jupiter, Florida, 2003.

  • Tai Chi for Back Pain Instructors Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Sarasota, Florida in 2005.

  • Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis with Dr. Lam in Durango, Colorado in 2005.

  • Master Trainer Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam in Terre Haute, Indiana, 2005.

Examples of types of talks and workshops:

  • "Tai Chi in the Management of Chronic Disease" at the regional Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Conference.

  • "Tai Chi for Arthritis" instructors workshop

  • "Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2" and update instructors workshop

  • Tai chi for health

  • Sun Style 73 Competition Form

  • "Tai Chi for Diabetes" instructors workshop

  • Tai chi and health: supporting studies

  • The benefits of tai chi in people with arthritis

Examples of venues:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation support groups

  • Arthritis support groups

  • Arthritis foundation chapters

  • Hospitals

  • Recreation centers

Samples of tai chi talks:

  • April 6, 2002 in Durango, Colorado. "Tai Chi and Health: Supporting Studies" at Mercy Medical Center sponsored by the Wellness Center.

  • January 8, 2004 in Durango, Colorado. "The Benefits of Tai Chi in People with Arthritis" for Arthritis Foundation support group.

  • 2004 in Monterrey, California. MT Workshop with Dr. Paul Lam.

  • April 29-30 and May 1, 2005 in Kansas City, Missouri. An Arthritis Foundation-sponsored “Tai Chi for Arthritis” Instructors Workshop Part One and Two.

  • June 13-18, 2005 in Sarasota, Florida. Instructor in the Dr. Paul Lam/TCAA week-long Tai Chi workshop. For further information, please see Dr. Lam's website,

  • Sept. 17-18, 2005 in Enfield, Connecticut. Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructors Workshop.

  • Dec. 4-7, 2006 in Seoul, Korea. “Practical Applications for Tai Chi for Health” keynote presentation at The First International Conference of Tai Chi for Health.