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"Creating a Rainbow People"
by Quilt Artist Allison Goss

In this section, I give full range to my own voice. I reflect on aspects of our culture, desired social changes, growing older, anything that is a focus of attention for me at that moment. I am particularly drawn to the question of how we function as Souls in community: how we can be fully ourselves, contribute our own potential, and still honor the potential of every other soul in the community and the purpose of the community's soul as well.

To me, the quilt that is exhibited on this page and the story behind the quilt is a beautiful example of what I am describing here. This quilt, "Creating a Rainbow People," was created by quilt artist Allison Goss in 2002 with the help of 38 members of the creative Durango community. As the United States invaded Afghanistan after the tragedy of 911, Allison felt great compassion for the women and children of Afghanistan who were being killed, maimed, and starved as a result of the actions of a few men. She conceived of the idea of the quilt. It would be made from fabric painted by members of the community and then woven together in a spiral design with an eye in the middle and a starry sky background. When I look at the quilt, I see the weaving together of our individual creative potential to create a whole, which is supported by God (the eye) and nature (the starry sky.) There is a way that we can each use our creativity and still create a magnificent whole that is greater than any one of us could do on our own. Allison put the quilt up for a silent auction and then sent that money to the women of Afghanistan. In that way, our Durango community was able to weave a connection with those women who could then feel our love and support. If you would like to contact Allison about her work, please contact her at

This site will be updated as ideas come to me. Your comments and ideas are most welcome. The Internet is a wonderful way for like-minded souls to meet who might never have run into each other in the course of a lifetime.