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A Response To The Re-Election Of President Bush

When Bush won the election by over 3,000,000 votes due to the Christian conservative contingency, I spent the next day in abject despair, feeling as though there had been a death in the family and that our country and our world were on the brink of disaster.

As I awoke this morning, suddenly it came to me like a bolt of lightening that while Bush and a Republican congress and a conservative Supreme Court were not the outcome that I had sought, at least most of those people tended to tune in frequently to Universal vibrations in the form of prayer.

Aware as I am about the power of prayer and well wishes on the outcome of everything from the growth of plants to recovering from illness to decreasing violence in the particular places in the world, the vision suddenly emerged of everyone tuning into the President and Congress daily in order to wish them well and to encourage them to serve from their highest potential. This pledge emerged from that vision:

I pledge to affirm daily:

  • May our leaders see the humanity, beauty and value of every person in the United States, every person on the planet, and of the planet herself.
  • May our leaders recognize that every person wants to be happy and free of suffering.
  • May President Bush recognize we are a country with big problems that need practical thoughtful solutions.
  • May President Bush seek wise counsel from experts in appropriate fields in order to give him the information that he needs to guide the country.
  • May President Bush pray with leaders from all religions. May he honor our common desire for communion with the Divine.
  • May each of our leaders serve from that place of their highest potential.
  • May I do all I can to honor and appreciate every individual with whom I come in contact.
  • May I live each day from the place of my highest potential.

    Having Bush and the “moral majority” in power is an opportunity to seriously focus on ourselves and ask where we have wandered from our own Christian roots of “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” We can certainly begin with President Bush and the members of Congress.

In my mind, there are at least two ways to exert a positive influence on the next four years. Of course, we have a responsibility as members of a democratic nation to share our opinions and, especially, expertise with those people entrusted in making decisions for our nation. But we also have the opportunity to influence their behavior by wishing them profoundly well and praying that they be aware of the Universal Oneness in us all. It is an opportunity to take what we have learned from the studies on prayer and our own experience and apply that knowledge at a national level. The time is now—and we are the people.

I hope that you will join me in this pledge. If you do, please share it with your friends.

I wish you profoundly well!
Pam Kircher


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