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Flow is an important concept as the soul moves forward in community. A good sense of flow allows a person to be willing to change directions at any moment without feeling that they are being pushed and shoved or bobbing aimlessly in stormy seas. Insisting on sticking to an agreed upon plan prohibits flow in the world. Now, of course, this must be balanced with respect for other people involved. This whole situation is analogous to guarding someone in basketball. If you are rigidly in place, they will be able to dribble around you. If you are flexible, aware, and balanced, you will be able to keep up with the forward and stick with them no matter how they shift their position. That is very much like life. You can have a general goal and ideas about how things might work out, but you don't want to be so attached to that position that even better ideas sail right past you because you are so stuck on a particular form that a goal must take.

The real trick is to learn how to differentiate intuition from wimping out. That is a problem that every soul in community has. When are you avoiding something that you feel fearful about and when are you altering plans so that you stay in the flow of things?

Another aspect of being in the flow is to trust that other people are in the flow as well. It is important not to hold them rigidly to past guidelines if that is not what moves them at that moment. Trust that their flow supports your flow. There will be some time of dis-ease as people begin to move with flow. At this point in the evolution of mankind, some people are in the flow most of the time and others are barely aware of the flow. Also, lives are set up mostly to ignore flow. Lives are generally set up to make things happen, not support things in happening. For that reason, there is lots of sense of disconnect and rough edges bumping up against each other. Don't be alarmed by it; simply notice it. This is a transition period and in a transition period, things are moving and shifting. People are changing their attitudes and behaviors. Changes don't happen in a completely orderly fashion. That is all that is going on here. It is absolutely temporary. The best attitude to carry in this time of transition is of bemused gentle awareness. Don't get caught up in whether or not another person was in the flow or in fear when they canceled their appointment with you. It just happened. Trust that if it happened at all, it was in the flow of your tapestry of life, even thought that flow is not immediately apparent. Let it go.


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