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How Then Shall We Live?
An NDEr’s Perspective

Photo by Sunny Hallauer

My life has been blessed to live from the perspective of a child whose early memories included an NDE. As our understanding of NDEs has expanded over the past thirty years, it has become clear that my perspective from my NDE mirrors the perspective of most people who have had had a NDE. There are several million of us alive today on this planet. We are influencing many more millions of people.

What would this world look like if we all lived from the understandings of the NDE? It begins with how this perspective would influence each individual person and how they would each live their lives differently. Let’s look at how it would impact each of us at the personal level:

  • We would have no fear of dying.
    • No fear of dying would give us enormous freedom in enjoying the life that we have.
    • We would spend no time worrying about how long this life will be, but will focus on the present moment and how we are living life now.
    • Much of our anxiety about life would be relieved.

  • We would know that we came here to learn how to love.
    • If we knew that was our purpose in life, we would spend more time on relationships than on getting ahead in careers.
    • We would be more mindful of how we speak to our family members and friends. We would be less hurtful with our thoughts, words, and actions.
    • We would emphasize what is right in our relationships more than what is wrong.
    • We would actually profoundly wish our loved ones well.

  • We would focus on agape rather than on specific love objects.
    • We would spend time in volunteer work that honors the individual and helps them to prosper materially and in self-respect.
    • We would donate more resources (time and money) to people who need them.
    • We would intend that all people on this earth have the basics of life.
    • We would wish every human being profoundly well.

  • We would consider spirituality of supreme importance.
    • We would devote time every day to prayer or meditation.
    • We would read the writings of the great spiritual teachers.
    • We would live the principles of our belief systems. As a Christian, we would live from “Love the Lord thy God with all they heart and mind and soul and thy brother as thyself.”
    • We would be forgiving of ourselves when we felt short of the ideal, but we would continue to hold the ideal as our main goal on this earth.
    • We would gather with other people seeking to live their ideals so that we could be a support to one another as we each move toward that more loving life.

  • We would be very interested in pursing the meaning of life.
    • We would spend our time in reading, contemplating, and discussing questions about the meaning of life.
    • Life would be richer with a richer inner life.
    • Discussions of the meaning of life would enhance our relationships. We would come to know each other at a deeper level.
    • Pursing the meaning of life doesn’t use many resources nor does it require great material wealth to do it.
    • Superficial entertainment would no longer be necessary.

  • We would honor nature.
    • We would be respectful of our natural resources and use them as sparingly as possible.
    • We would use every available recycling tool that was within our reach.
    • We would also use as little oil and oil by-products as possible. Hybrid vehicles would be the standard means of locomotion along with mass transit in hybrid vehicles.

  • We would spend as much time in nature as possible.
    • Rather than spending time in front of the television set, in bars, or playing video games looking for amusement to stave off boredom, we would spend time in nature centering ourselves and feeling the oneness with nature.
    • The common adrenalin rush that is fed by the mass media would be counterbalanced by the endorphins enhanced by quiet time in nature.
    • We would approach daily occurrences with much more equanimity.

  • We would be intensely interested in learning.
    • We would spend much of our time learning new things rather than in being entertained.
    • This learning does not use up natural resources, nor does it call for economic resources, for the most part.
    • This time spent in learning would enhance our since of healthy self-esteem and give us more to talk about with each other rather than gossiping or re-hashing fixed opinions.
    • Our lives would continue to evolve in our lifetimes. We would no longer be stuck in a rut that increases boredom day by day and causes us to seek desultory pleasures as a relief from the boredom that we carry within ourselves when we stop learning.

  • We would have less interest in material possessions.
    • Because of our interest in supporting other people’s goals for themselves and because of our interest in spirituality and in learning, we would have less time to shop and to take care of possessions that we owned.
    • Our focus would be on relationships and ideas rather than things. Material possessions would actually get in the way of what we really enjoyed focusing on.
    • Our sense of universal love would encourage us to support our fellow human beings in having the basics of life before we purchased the frills of life for ourselves.
    • Life would be simpler, but richer.

  • We would have less concern about fame and success.
    • Less concern about fame and moving up the ladder in our careers would allow us more flexibility in follow our heart’s desire.
    • We would feel more freedom to change careers if our interests changed.
    • We would not feel so compelled to compromise our ideals in order to advance on the corporate ladder.
    • We would be “whistle blowers” when it was appropriate to our integrity.
    • We would not feel so attached to a particular viewpoint if our learning showed us an expanded point of view.
    • We would not be so influenced by what other people think.

Living from the perspectives of an NDEr would allow us more freedom, love, flexibility, connectedness, enthusiasm and just plain happiness in each of our lives!!


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