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An ancient Minoan palace in Crete

As the Medical Director of the Wellness Center at Mercy Medical Center in Durango, Colorado, I was part of the team that brought Healing Therapy to our in-patients in a comprehensive way. When introducing a paradigm-shifting program into the hospital setting, careful attention to sources of support and to detail are crucial to the success of the program. By approaching the development of this new program in a multi-faceted way, we were able to develop a program that currently provides 1400 sessions/year in a 75-bed hospital. Please see the article on the Development of a Healing Therapy In-patient Program.

I have consulted with large hospitals in urban areas as well as small rural hospitals and out-patient facilities. References are available upon request. I am available to consult at your facility to support you in increasing your strengths and facing your difficulties as you contemplate introducing more integrative medicine into your current program. Please contact me for more details.