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Love is the Link Excerpts

A Patient's Near-Death Experience
From Love is the Link

A forty-year old woman had an out-of-body-experience one month before dying from cancer. In that experience, she found herself in the presence of pure Light and Peace. She felt that she had the opportunity to die then, but chose to stay because of her husband and unfinished business. After the experience, each day she would make a list of things to do and would accomplish what she could. As she next two weeks progressed, the lists got shorter and shorter each day. Her lists included items such as visits with old friends, as well as teaching her husband how to iron his shirts and cook his meals. Finally, there were no more lists. One day, she was quite restless when she seemed to be reliving all of the experiences of her life. As night fell, she told her husband that it had been one of the best days of her life. After reviewing it all, there was nothing that she would have done differently. In that peaceful knowledge, she relaxed into a deep sleep and died peacefully two days later.

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Used paperback copies of Love Is The Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares Her Experience Of Near-Death And Dying may still be available on-line through An updated version of Love is the Link is available in e-book format online from Since this book recently went out of print, please also consider purchasing my Audio Version of Love is the Link.

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