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Creating the Audio Version of Love is the Link

This past year, the book has gone out of print and is only available as a used book. I am still being contacted by people who have been impacted by the book and it occurred to me that the stories in the book might be even more powerful if they were read by me, much like sitting around a campfire telling stories that had changed my life and my views of the world.

With that image in mind, this past winter during the Colorado snows, I recorded the book in a recording artist friend’s home studio. As I told the stories, I envisioned the faces of each of the people who had shared their lives with me. Reading their stories aloud was almost like being back in the room with them. When I completed the reading, Paul Roberts, the recording artist who lives in my home town of Pagosa Springs, did the expert editing of the CD’s.

The image on the cover is from a pastel painting that my daughter, Robin King of Fort Collins, Colorado did some twenty years ago when she was a student at Berkeley. It has always represented to me the way that we can deeply touch one another while still doing our own dance.

Finally, I had the images printed on each of the six discs and the insert created by artists in nearby Durango. I purchased a duplicator and have duplicated the discs myself, thereby infusing them with love one more time. Creating the audio set on a minimal budget has allowed me to make an excellent album at a very reasonable price. My vision is that many people will listen to the audio book and will then share their own stories with others.

From the start to the finish, it was a labor of love. I have included postage and handling in the cost of the six-disc set. If you would like to purchase one, please send a $33 check along with your mailing address to me at:

Pam Kircher
10300 CR 500
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

I would love to hear back from you after you listen to the book.



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