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Philosophical Musings
From Love is the Link

On reflection on the meaning of what the young man on drugs called a "Void" in his NDE, it becomes clear that we experience something that is appropriate to call a Void in many settings, long before we encounter it in an NDE. One of the opportunities of the dying process is to become aware of this Void and to move away from it. There are several ways that we create such a Void in our lives. One way to do that is, of course, by the use of drugs. But there are many other ways to create that Void, including living a life filled with only the superficial, living a life as a workaholic, and keeping people away with anger or fear, to mention just a few examples. The process of dying sometimes gives people the opportunity to re-evaluate such attitudes and to change them. Of course, people also have the option of remaining exactly as they have been.

Understanding the Void has profound implications as to how we live our lives. If we are unaware of the Void and the deep sense of separation and isolation that it brings, it is very possible to live a life that brings us closer to it without even realizing what we are doing. Much of our modern world is geared toward doing, not toward being. When we fill our lives with activities and with work, we often don't have time for being with ourselves or with other people in any deep and meaningful way. We fill our days with meaningless activities that keep us from thinking and feeling at a deeper level.

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