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Near Death Experiences

Love is the Link

I had a near-death experience as a small child that has greatly influenced my values and choices all of my life. This book begins with my own experience, both during the near-death experience and as I have led my entire life from the perspective of someone who has had a near-death experience.

One of the choices that I made was becoming a physician. During the time that I served as a hospice doctor, I kept a journal of my experience with my patients and the touching and mysterious stories that they told me.

Love is the Link combines my own story with a compilation of patients' stories and my musings about the meaning of those experiences.

Creating the E-book Version of Love is the Link

When the printed version of Love is the Link became scarce two years ago, I created an audio version of the book. Honoring people’s stories in the oral tradition really appealed to me. Since that time, many people have enjoyed hearing those stories, but I have had requests for a written version since some people prefer to read the words rather than to hear them.

Recently, I had a request to use the book as a college textbook for a psychology class on expanded states of consciousness and they really wanted a written version. That was the final inspiration that I needed to create an e-book. Through synchronicity, two months before I had met Linda Scott, the editor and publisher of efrog press on a shuttle bus from the airport to a tai chi workshop and we “happened” to talk about her field of expertise—e-book publishing. Hence, when I received the request for a written version of Love is the Link, the means to create the e-book were readily available. In the process of creating the e-book, it was natural to update it with an additional chapter on changes in the fields of near-death experiences, hospice care, and how my work has evolved over the past two decades. The e-book version of Love is the Link is now available on and you don’t have to own a Kindle to download the book. There are free applications to make it available on other readers, including i-pads. And, of course, if you prefer the oral tradition, the audio version is still available. Just contact me through this website.


Excerpts from Love is the Link

Purchasing Love is the Link


Used paperback copies of Love Is The Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares Her Experience Of Near-Death And Dying may still be available on-line through An updated version of Love is the Link is available in e-book format online from Since this book recently went out of print, please also consider purchasing my Audio Version of Love is the Link.

The Audio Book

I have included postage and handling in the cost of the six-disc set. If you would like to purchase one, please send a $33 check along with your mailing address to me at:

Pam Kircher
10300 CR 500
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147