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Near Death Experiences

Journey to Integration

If you have accessed deeper ways of being through a Near Death Experience or other mystical experience, and want to deeply integrate those experiences into your life of the here and now, you may wish to devote a week of your life to the “Journey to Integration” process. This process takes place in Pagosa Springs, CO the home of healing hot springs. I will be your guide. I’m a certified hypnotherapist, retired family practice and hospice physician, near death experiencer and expert, healing therapy practitioner, and tai chi for health master trainer. These modalities will be woven together to offer you the opportunity to integrate the books you’ve read, the workshops you’ve attended, and your own experiences so that you can create a life lived with purpose and with joy.

Description of modalities:

Alchemical hypnotherapy is an interactive process that occurs in a relaxed state in which you can access your subconscious to discover inner resources to bring greater integration between your mystical experiences and everyday life. It can also be used to access past lives and time between lives to clarify your life’s purpose.
Healing therapy is gentle energy work that relaxes you and brings you into greater balance.

Tai Chi for Health is grounding movement that improves balance, flexibility, and a sense of well-being while reducing stress.
Details of the “Journey to Integration:”

The space is a loft retreat with a tai chi room, a view of a tranquil lake, and comfortable spaces for journaling, meditating, and dreaming.

The inclusive cost of $1500 for the six-day retreat includes lodging, three hypnotherapy sessions, three tai chi classes, and a healing therapy session. A tai chi video and audio book of “Love is the Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares her Experience of Near Death and Dying” are also included in the cost of the week. A kitchen is available for meals.

Other therapies are available by practitioners who have experienced the “Journey to Integration” process themselves. Some of these optional activities include massage, dream work, creation of your own flower essence, and nutritional consultations, etc. In addition, the hot springs are only four miles from the retreat space.

I invite you to go deep within yourself to ask if this is the time for you to give yourself a week on your “Journey to Integration.” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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